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Keeping WordPress site secure from hackers

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the monthly newsletter for Solutions Unlimited, a technical support/IT services company based in New Castle, Ind.  This article is an expanded version of that original article.

WordPressRecently an IT company blogger published an article with the attention grabbing headline: “Warning: If You Are Using WordPress For Your Company Website, There Is A 73% Chance Your Site Is Vulnerable To Be Hacked.”  The article references research study completed by EnableSecurity.

For those who don’t keep their sites WordPress sites secure by doing regular maintenance, there is a reason to be worried.

WordPress is the most popular blogging and content management systems in the world. In fact, one out of every five websites run WordPress. Because of its popularity, it is a prime target for hackers looking to cause trouble. But there’s no need to worry. Crundwell Digital develops websites for our clients exclusively in WordPress, and we have 100% confidence in its stability and security.

How to keep your WordPress site secure

There are some easy steps WordPress administrators can take to keep their WordPress site secure.

  1. Keep your WordPress core up-to-date. The current version is 3.9.1. (as of 8/4/2014). If you are not running one of these versions, you should update. (Check here for the latest version.)
  2. Make sure your plugins and themes are also up-to-date. Out-of-date plugins can be vulnerable to hackers.  Also check the support status of your plugins and themes. I’ve seen many sites break because they original developer is no longer supporting a theme or plugin.
  3. Use difficult to guess passwords. Include upper and lower case characters, symbols and numbers. Use a strong password generator like this tool.  Also, do not setup a WordPress site with the default account of “admin”.
  4. Install a security plugin. We use WordFence on all of our websites. It scans the WordPress code for any changes to core files, and it also monitors for potential attacks and blocks unauthorized access. The free version will suffice for most installations. The premium version provides additional support like country blocking.
  5. Be wary of cheap hosting plans. Some of the big names offer annual hosting plans for just a few dollars a month. These are easy targets for hackers because so many WordPress sites are running on the same server, and updates may not be happening. An attack on another site in your shared hosting environment could take your site down as well.
  6. Purchase an SSL security certificate and force HTTPS encrypted browsing, especially if you collect data or conduct eCommerce.
  7. Make frequent backups of your website. I recommend the premium version of UpdraftPlus. This WordPress plugin schedules backups of your website and uploads them to cloud storage service like Dropbox.

Take the time to ask your website manager what they’re doing to make your WordPress site secure. If you built your website more than a year ago and you aren’t paying someone to maintain it – you’re probably at risk.

In today’s digital first business environment, you can’t risk your customers’ trust by having them visit a website that’s been compromised.

If you have questions about WordPress security or would like to learn more about Crundwell Digital Marketing’s products and services — email us.

Crundwell Digital Marketing celebrates one year

Growing up, I hated roller coasters. I don’t think I rode anything other than the Jr. Gemini at Cedar Point until I was in junior high. My classmates forced me on the Magnum XL 2000.  Well, I was hooked.

In many ways that’s how this last year has been. Once crazy roller coaster ride.
cdm_logoIt was one year ago today, January 14, 2013 when I registered my company’s domain name CrundwellDigital.com. I guess in the digital world, a domain name registration is as close to a birthday as you can get. With that purchase followed by a logo and business cards, Crundwell Digital Marketing was born.

A year later, we’ve provided to clients small business web design in Indianapolis, Ohio and New York. We now have over 30 sites in our portfolio with more to come.

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Gift Ideas from Crundwell Digital

Are you looking for a last minute Christmas gift?  Crundwell Digital Marketing works with several clients who have some really cool gift ideas.  Is this a shameless promotion for my clients — yes.  It’s my blog I think I have a right to do that.


LipGarb, NailGarbIlovelipgarb.com – Ladies, this is a client that you will love!  CDM is working an eCommerce upgrade of LipGarb, a line of makeup that has a lot of sparkle.

It’s a Indiana based start-up who is growing fast!


Crownlinks Coffee

Crownlinks CoffeeCrownlinks Coffee — A great coffee and an even greater cause.  Crownlinks Coffee purchases their coffee from small coffee growers in third world countries.  It’s roasted fresh when you order it and mailed directly to your home.   With Crownlinks Coffee you’re also helping a great cause.  All the profits from Crownlinks go directly to help a Christian Mission radio station and other groups based in Haiti.

Allen Family Fudge

Allen Family FudgeBy far, the sweetest client I work with. Allen Family Fudge is some of the best fudge on earth!  They use only the best ingredients and make pure fudge — no fillers so it’s also gluten free.

Allen Family Fudge has over 21 varieties of nutty and nice fudge.  Let’s just say I’ve sampled a few and it’s great!